jeudi, mars 20, 2008

Six Degrees of Separation

I, like a lot of people, read lots of blogs. I read Huffington Post and DailyKos for political news, Go Fug Yourself for a good laugh, regularly send the 'Crap Email from a Dude' section of Jezebel to girlfriends who are having boy trouble, and when I'm feeling down, get a boost from Cute Overload and the Daily Kitten. I am also addicted to several blogs written by smart funny women, be it Pioneer Woman, A Little Pregnant, Suburban Bliss, Dooce, Poundy, Finslippy, Amalah, Whoopee, One Good Thing, or Les Cadeaux.

These blogs make me feel connected, particularly to things in the US, something I don't want to lose for fear of becoming a snotty expatriate ass. I have met my share of holier-than-thou expats, and they are some of the most insufferable people on earth. I even made my friends back home promise me that if I ever started to act like my shit didn't stink because I live in PAAAAARIS, they would personally come knock some sense into me pronto.

I don't comment very often on the blogs I read, mostly because I don't feel the need to add to what are invariably interesting, funny and thoughtful posts, but occasionally there comes a time when I absolutely have to share. The other day, I read on Molly's blog, Les Cadeaux, a post in which she talked about getting divorced and starting over at 33. I was moved by the grace of her writing, and added my comment to share my own experience with divorce, in hopes it would give her a little boost. She sweetly sent me an email thanking me for my comment, and I wrote her back. At the same time, I was exchanging emails with my sister about things totally unrelated.

The next day, I came into work to find an email from my sister with the subject line 'Not to Freak You Out But' and the verbatim text of my comment on Molly's blog with 'sound familiar?' added to the end. I suddenly panicked, thinking I had inadvertently sent the comment to my sister instead - and god she must think I've lost it. But it turns out a friend of my sister's also reads Molly's blog, had seen my comment, and called my sister the next morning to say, 'I think I know who your sister is!'

Sorta freaky, sorta cool, non?

Which now makes me think I really should update my blog more often. You know, if people besides my immediate family and friends are actually reading it.

There are actually people reading this, right?