mercredi, mai 14, 2014

I Think I'll Keep Him

I have always hated the expression "a keeper", so it's a little strange that I am about to go there. When you are sick with strep throat and have spent an exhausting day at work, and during your metro ride home you keep thinking about how you are going to cook the veal tonight and how much time it will take and how tired you are, but when you get home to the table being set and a veal marengo ready on the stove? Keeper! When the next morning, you wake up to a glass bowl and some essential oils to make a vapor bath for your stuffed up face all set out for you on the table? Keeper! When, days later, you make a modified version of the veal marengo and he tells you yours is better with no bitterness (although you don't agree)? Keeper! Yes, definitely, I will keep my Handsome. (Not that there was ever a question. Pfff!)