lundi, février 19, 2007

Cabernet Frank - Part Deux

Unfortunately, we couldn't make it to the wine tasting, deciding to go the Robert Doisneau exhibit at the Hotel de Ville instead. It was definitely worth it. Doisneau photos (and a cute 16-year old exchange student) were how I first fell in love with Paris. I am still incredulous that I now actually live here.

Still, I was a bit disappointed we didn't attend the wine tasting. I was all set to go, taste a few different ones, and find the right moment to declare,

"Now this, this is a wine that doesn't beat around the bush!"


After giving my glass a little theatrical swirl and taking a sip,

"Whoah, boy! This is a wine that says what's on its mind!"

Alas, I will have to find another way to embarrass Handsome in public.


vendredi, février 16, 2007

Cabernet Frank

Handsome and I are on a mailing list for a nice little wine store near my apartment. It's on one of those lovely pedestrian streets, which on Saturdays and Sundays, transforms itself into an outdoor market replete with fruits and vegetables in season, stinky cheeses, meats and fish, pots and pans, knife sets, inexpensive clothing, flowers, and even an antique chair repairer. I always get the name confused with another street nearby. One is called 'rue de l'Assomption' and the other is 'rue de l'Annonciation'.

I usually just refer to it as the "rue de l'Ah Ah Ah." Handsome thankfully speaks Penelopese.

We got an email today from the wine shop announcing their Saturday wine tasting, encouraging us to come taste two little wines from Touraine: a Gamay and a Chenin. Described as 'bursting with fruit' and 'rich', I was all for making sure we stopped by, but what really convinced me was the last line in the invitation.

"These wines will seduce you with their frankness and richness."*

I don't know about you, but if there is one thing I can't stand, it's a dishonest wine.

*"Ces vins vous séduiront par leur franchise et leur richesse."