mercredi, juillet 11, 2012

We Did It!

After four successful performances of "Tutti La Tutti" in June, and three well-received performances of "III Superpositions de Richard III" - which culminated in a smashing final performance on Monday- I can honestly say that I am in seventh heaven. 

Both projects involved lots of hard work, a good dose of frustration and doubt, and - once the dress rehearsals started - tons of fun.

I realized recently that this was my first "full" Shakespeare play.  I totally get it now why it never gets old.  I could happily have played Queen Elisabeth hundreds of times.  I like that she's unlikeable in the beginning, and then wins your heart through her universal suffering and her thirst for revenge.  I feel this incredible strength in her when she faces down Richard III to save her remaining child's life.

Now I have to figure out how to do a full Shakespeare play in English.  That will be a real challenge.

Debriefing with the director minutes before the last performance
(I apparently hang on his every word...)

Are we getting a reminder of the fourth wall here, or do we just think the lighting guy is hot? 
Just kidding, Handsome!  You are the hottest lighting guy out there.

mercredi, juillet 04, 2012

That Went Well!

After four successful performances at the Comédie Tour Eiffel, Tutti La Tutti is currently in discussions to see what we will be up to next!

In the meantime, come see me give a deformed mass murderer hell in :

I play Queen Elisabeth.  She kicks ass.

More later!