vendredi, avril 09, 2010

For Meaghan

This week was surreal.

On Monday, my sister and her husband learned their cute, spunky little three year-old daughter Meaghan has leukemia (specifically, ALL, the so-called "good" kind). It was quite a wallop in the head for everyone.

But, all things considered, she is doing great, and the prognosis is very good for this type of leukemia, and very good for her specifically so far. She might even be able to go home this weekend.

This isn't quite my story to tell, or perhaps the most appropriate forum, so for those of you who know my sister and want to send her and her family messages of support, she has created a website for Meaghan.

I am so very proud of how gracefully my sister is handling this, and so grateful that she is getting tons of love and support. It warms the heart.

Love to all of you.