lundi, mai 09, 2016

Now That's Meta

I took a day off last week giving me a really lovely 4-day weekend, wherein I applied to at least 7 acting jobs.  Rarely are there that many ads that fit my profile, but I certainly was glad to have the time off to fire off the applications.

Today, at work, I got a call from one of the casting agents.

'Hi,' he said, "this is so-and-so and I'm calling you because you applied for the corporate film for X company."  

The name of my company.

I thought he might have just made a mistake because he had my resumé in his hands and saw that I also lead the acting workshop there.

We found a date and time for me to do the audition, but I just couldn't shake how clearly he had stated my company's name.

"So just to be clear, did you in fact say this was for a corporate video for  X company?"

"Yes," he said.

"That is so ironic," I replied, "I work for them!"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the most méta moment I have ever had.

I work at X company and act on the side, and I just got called to audition for a corporate film for my day job.

I love it!!