jeudi, mars 17, 2011

Coming Soon to a Blog Post Near You

For the last class on "Constructing a Character", our professor let us have free reign to present whatever we wanted to share. It could be a song, a monologue, a dance, whatever.

I'm a longtime reader of Jennifer Mattern, who writes breathtaking pieces on her blog, "Breed Em And Weep." If you have never read her, go. Post haste. (Can you tell we are currently studying Shakespeare?)

Jenn graciously gave me permission to perform her blog post "My Funny Valentine" as a monologue.

I took a lot of liberties. I cut out a lot, trying to limit the length. I made up a name for her ex-husband, whom she refers to as "D" on her blog. I flubbed a few lines, and had to peek at my text twice.

But I really enjoyed getting into her words, and, essentially, playing her.

Everyone - including Handsome - asked where the text came from. That Jenn can WRITE.

As soon as she gives me the green light, I will post the video here for your viewing pleasure.

I'm kind of proud of it.