mercredi, avril 20, 2016

We Will Not Yield

Sanders all the way to the convention!!  Power to the people!!

Because this:

I will not stand for.

lundi, avril 18, 2016

Exciting (and hilarious) News! HRC is Still a Crook

I probably, in a good year, get about 100 page views if I am lucky.  The point of this little neglected blog is uniquely personal, to occasionally capture and share thoughts and anecdotes I want to keep a record of.

I have only extremely rarely heard from anyone I didn't actually know.  Once I got some good advice about getting a French driver's license and once I got some addresses for decent bagels in Paris.  That is the grand total of comments from strangers I have received.

Until yesterday.

People!!  In response to my "HRC is a Crook" post from a few days ago, I actually received an email from what I can only conclude is a paid Hillbot.  I have learned about their existence and activities from Reddit and TOP and Caucus 99 percent and I find it both hilarious and pitiful that one of them seriously took the time to write me, to essentially order me to "change my tone" in regards to HRC.  This person/bot tried to admonish - nay shame - me into stopping my "vitriol" against a candidate who is the epitome of what is wrong with American politics today.

No way, José.

You don't like my tone?  Too bad.  You think I am being hyperbolic?  So be it.

You call out criticism of your candidate from a blog that has maybe 2 page views a day?

Speaks volumes of your confidence.

Oh, and just for fun :

Remember this?

Also, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust awarded HRC with a very special honor :  The Most Corrupt Policitian of 2015.

Click on that.


And here is some more condemnation from an ex-CIA analyst :

Is Hillary Clinton Above the Law?

She sure seems to think so.

vendredi, avril 08, 2016

A Crook

My mom used to jokingly say that she decided to have children just so she could teach them that Nixon was a crook.

I plan on continuing that tradition.  Just substitute Nixon for Kissinger's protégé, Hillary Clinton.

Please see:

27 Reasons HRC is a Crook (my title)