mercredi, août 04, 2010

Tap tap....

Tap tap....
Anybody there?

Serves me right for not posting for three months.

It's August. Everyone is gone.
Yesterday, as I was desperately trying to navigate my rental bike in red high heels, I came to the conclusion that - in my neighborhood at least - the only people left in the city are homeless, crazy, disabled or old. I was strangely annoyed by this. (It could have been the migraine.) But as everyone will tell you, at least you get a seat on the metro.
There are three people on my floor at work. This makes it harder than usual to get out of bed in the morning. Who will even notice if I come in or not?
Not that I'm complaining. Seriously. The rebel in me likes that I refuse to go on vacation when everyone else does. Handsome, Max and I will be happily boarding a night train to Venice when everyone else will be fighting the traffic jams to get back into the city. Then it's on to Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina. Or wherever the rental car company actually lets us go. I am confused why one part of ex-Yugoslavia is okay and another isn't, but my Italian isn't up to par enough to get into geo-political detail about it.

In other news, "The Lion King" ended after a three-year run, and the producers were nice enough to throw a huge bash on the night of the finale. How about some pictures?

This is me in the lighting booth at the Mogador Theatre at Handsome's console. Please notice that I have the back of walkie-talkie up to my ear. I like to call this one "A Portrait in Blonde".

This is me and Handsome. I like to call this one cute.

That is all for today. I have to go learn the Serbo-Croatian for "local wine and cheese."