jeudi, juillet 21, 2011

Annoyingly trendy, cutesy desserts

These are actual items seen on actual menus in actual Parisian restaurants. And actual sources of profound annoyance.

Mousse aux fraises Tagada - "Fraises Tagada" are a horrifying marshmellow like candy thing every French person in my generation grew up snacking on. They are vile. This caters to a recent trend in getting all nostalgic and misty eyed about your idyllic childhood.

Candy apple mousse - see above

Cotton candy mousse - see above, sweet jesus christ on a cracker

Ben & Jerry's oatmeal cookie ice cream - IN FRANCE!!! The French generally hate cinnamon and don't ever make sweets with oatmeal, good god. Just ask my mother how long and how loudly I went on about this in the restaurant where we saw this on the menu.

Oreo cookie cheesecake - if I were nostalgic for an item found in every chain restaurant in America from 1980 - 1998, I might order this. If I were not IN PARIS.

Smarties flavored ice cream - No. Comment.

Sheesh. Call me a snot, but I didn't think the originals were all that good by themselves, so I'm less than inclined to order their trendy, oh-so-originale spinoffs.

Not so long as I can get a simple plum tart or a mousse au chocolat that will make me swoon. Please, Paris, quit with the offerings for toddlers' palates. Be the grown lady you are.

vendredi, juillet 08, 2011


Don't ask why this particular observation has inspired me to take the five minutes necessary to connect to this rusty blog and update, but here you go.

I have come to the recent startling revelation that I have almost exactly the same signature as the CEO of my company.

I find that - given the cultural, generational and gender differences - very odd.

I don't know what it means, but it sure makes me chuckle.