dimanche, janvier 25, 2004

Blogging Journal

I haven't kept a journal since I was in the fifth grade and thought Jason Kenagy was the hottest thing on earth. The prerequisite hearts and exclamation points were drawn at every mention of his name, and being a drama queen even then, I had peppered my rantings with a "Sigh!" here and there. The passion and ardor I exhibited scared the wits out of him, for years, and amused me greatly when, as teenagers when we no longer went to the same schools, he would avoid me if he saw me.

So this journaling thing is a little daunting, a little navel-gazing, and I fear using it for rantings about boys, but it will hopefully get me to write regularly, something I have been woefully deficient at for years.

I do want to thank and her site www.poundy.com for inspiring me. I was one of the millions who got to her site through the WW cards, and through reading her posts, (which I think are most excellently written and bursting with insight, humor and so much talent,) I was inspired to start my own. So thanks, Wendy. And keep writing, please.

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