vendredi, avril 23, 2004

The American Psyche

As a person who is constantly trying to understand what it means to be American, I am moved to urge all of you, if you have not done so already, to rent and watch "Bowling for Columbine," the documentary by Michael Moore, of "Roger and Me" fame.

It is not about politics, or gun control, or even the Columbine shooting.

It is about the American psyche.

It asks many more questions than it answers, but deftly accomplishes its simple aim to get people thinking and talking and asking questions. It is not always easy to watch, but like most good art, it does not leave you indifferent.

I watched it twice in one night, and for the first time ever, explored every single DVD feature.

I commend the writer and filmmaker for his courage, his integrity, and his heart in making this film.

Put it on the top of your Netflix list; go down to the video store and rent it; buy it online.

Don't miss it.

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