mardi, juillet 20, 2004

Many thanks to those of you who posted a comment or gave suggestions as to how to help my friend.   I do have to admit, though, to being slightly disappointed at not convincing people to  represent a different philospher in costume and perform little monologues about the meaning of life.  I thought it was such a good idea....  But you will be happy to know, she seems to be doing much better.  Perhaps it was just a momentary crisis.
I must also share what has to be one of my favorite text messages of all times:
Me to the other friend who was there that night, after we had both gone home exhausted, she to a date with a much younger man:
"All is well-had talk-discovered real issue: what is meaning of life?  Possible remedy: Sartre.  How was boy?"
To Anonymous, I've ordered a copy of Viktor Frankl's book, but just might read it myself before passing it on.  You have piqued my curiosity: do I know you?
On another note, Max, my mom and I made a foray to my favorite cafe, he in his swank new backpack/carrying case/car seat/bed.  Seriously one of the best presents ever. Besides Max himself, of course.  I sat him in a chair at our table, and he meowed a bit, but eventually settled down and engaged in some intense people watching.  Like owner, like cat.  He was quite a hit with the Bulgarian waitresses, I must say.  I was so proud. 
There is some serious potential for cafe haunting together when Paris finally happens.  Dour Parisian waiters, you have no idea what is in store for you....

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