mercredi, juillet 13, 2005


As you will see on the sidebar to the right, there is a link to a novel I started a while back. I abandoned it temporarily after discovering how much AOL was charging me. (Don't get me started on how much I hate them). So, long story short, I haven't gone on the site where the novel is hosted in quite a while. For some reason, today I did. I found in the comments section a message from an anonymous person who obviously knew me a long time ago. It got my imagination all fired up, and now I am absolutely determined to find the person who wrote it so I can turn off my head. Some references in there really got to me. I'll reproduce it here, in case that same anonymous person has somehow found my blog as well:

Anonymous said...

I believe this Baron is no good for you. You should be with me. I am a Prince and long to sweep you off your feet and take you to my country... the most beautiful country you could ever know. Come with me my love to the land of Laboritorio. We will drink fine wine and watch the sunsets from Laboritorio. Many years ago near a frozen lake on an Isthmus you said you'd come to Laboritorio. Will you join me now?

-M.S. Prince of Laboritorio
(if this makes sense to you, let me know I've found the right Pen-a-lope)

Penelope said...
To the Prince of Laboritorio,

You have the right Penelope.

Now how do I find you?

I'm dying here. Please put me out of my misery and reveal yourself. My head can't take this.

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