samedi, août 25, 2007

Co-workers to be wary of

I started a new position in June, and it's been rather slow going. My direct boss is out on sick leave, and it's August, a month in which everything in France comes to a screeching halt. That might be a slight exaggeration, but let's just say it's definitely the month most people go on vacation for at least three weeks. I heard a woman on the street complaining to her husband in a strong American accent, "I keep asking them about the project, but all anybody will tell me is 'We'll see in September' September! It's so annoying." I couldn't help but laugh out loud in solidarity as I passed her.

But since things are slow in my department, and I'm the new one, sometimes my coworkers who aren't on vacation will stop by for a little polite chat.

One afternoon a middle aged female coworker came by and asked how things were going. I made some non-commital response about it being a little slow, and eventually, it being August, the subject turned to vacations and hobbies. It turns out her hobby and passion is archery, which she discovered for the first time at a resort around 10 years ago. She explained to me how quickly she picked it up, how she joined a club and moved rapidly into competition level, eventually becoming the reigning French champion for five years in a row.

I've since been warned she has a propensity to go on for hours if you let her, but as she prattled on and I made the occasional replies of "Uh huh," and "Really", I secretly made a mental note:


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