mercredi, février 10, 2010

Not To Be Mean, But....

This is the second week in a row my co-worker has worn the same dress to work.
The. Exact. Same. Dress.

Should I be concerned?

Should I say something? What exactly does one say in this instance? I sort of feel like she might be depressed, but I haven't the slightest clue how to approach her about it.

She is kind of a downer of a person anyway, in the sense that I can never, ever get a positive response when I ask her how she is. I cringe every morning when I stop by her office, bracing myself for the total depressing answer she is going to give me.

"Not so good, I couldn't sleep last night, so I'm exhausted."


"The trains were late again. It took me two hours to get to work. I'm so tired."


"Have you seen this rain? They say it's going to last all week."

I guess I don't have to mention that the dress in question is grey. Grey as the rain. Grey as the trains that are always late. Grey as the sleep in your eyes.

Oh god.

I need a dose of this, stat!

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