lundi, mars 01, 2010

I Will Kick Your Ass Some Day - Love and Kisses

After two particularly fierce rounds of Trivial Pursuit Genius II last night, where I just BARELY lost both times, this is what this morning's email exchange looked like. (For context's sake, I have only beaten him three times in our entire time together. It is my constant goal to clobber him, but he is so wily!)

Handsome : Love and kisses and sorry I kicked your ass at Trivial Pursuit last night ;-)

[Ed note : The nerve!]

Me : A clarification : you did NOT "kick my ass" at Trivial Pursuit. It was a VERY CLOSE CONTEST. And you have a distinct advantage with the French version. So there. Watch out for next time, buster. I will pummel you. One of these days. And it will be ugly. Love and kisses!

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