mercredi, juillet 11, 2012

We Did It!

After four successful performances of "Tutti La Tutti" in June, and three well-received performances of "III Superpositions de Richard III" - which culminated in a smashing final performance on Monday- I can honestly say that I am in seventh heaven. 

Both projects involved lots of hard work, a good dose of frustration and doubt, and - once the dress rehearsals started - tons of fun.

I realized recently that this was my first "full" Shakespeare play.  I totally get it now why it never gets old.  I could happily have played Queen Elisabeth hundreds of times.  I like that she's unlikeable in the beginning, and then wins your heart through her universal suffering and her thirst for revenge.  I feel this incredible strength in her when she faces down Richard III to save her remaining child's life.

Now I have to figure out how to do a full Shakespeare play in English.  That will be a real challenge.

Debriefing with the director minutes before the last performance
(I apparently hang on his every word...)

Are we getting a reminder of the fourth wall here, or do we just think the lighting guy is hot? 
Just kidding, Handsome!  You are the hottest lighting guy out there.

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