mardi, octobre 09, 2012

Save Acting International

As most of you know, I enrolled in a professional acting school here in Paris, and spent two years learning the tricks of the trade from a diverse group of passionate, dedicated and amazing teachers.

Today, that school, Acting International, is in grave danger.  This summer the founder, Mr. Robert Cordier, was summarily dismissed from his own school by the current director, on trumped up charges of professional misconduct.  This was merely a ruse to take total control of the school, and most importantly, the enormous profits it generates.

The vast majority of the professors signed an open letter of protest and were immediately fired and replaced within days by an unsuspecting corps of new staff, only too happy to be a part of what was once considered a prestigious institution. 

A petition to oust the current director is currently circulating, and if you should feel so inclined, your signature and support to reinstate Mr. Cordier would be much appreciated.

You can also keep abreast of the developments in this fight by clicking on :

And by showing your support on Facebook, for those who have accounts :

If you believe in justice, in the generous and selfless transmission of art and knowledge, please help us save our school.

Thank you.

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