jeudi, août 11, 2005

Banksy is Ballsy


Since I'm not doing anything productive at work because it's August and there is no one here, I was browsing around the blogosphere and internet. I just discovered this really funny, really talented, really outrageous graffitti artist who goes by the name of Banksy. He's been causing a furor over in London, but check out what he just did on the controversial wall in the West Bank separating Palestine and Israel.....

You should really also have a look at his other work, which include fake exhibits he sneaks into galleries and museums such as the Tate and the Natural History Museum, including prehistoric proof of man's penchant for shopping, and the the evolution of the common sewer rat. The entomology exhibit of "Withus orwithoutus" is simply brilliant.

But I have to admit at being disturbed by the paintings he vandalised. Walls, advertisements, and the like are cool, but don't mess somebody else's work up, man.

Nevertheless, it kinda makes me want to take a Eurostar over to the Motherland.....

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