samedi, juin 19, 2004

Noztna Ptiza

Now that I finally have weekends free and don't have to work, I often find that I don't want to do anything at all. Most of the time, I can only get dressed and out of the house by the late afternoon, by which time I feel a vague sense of having wasted a day. Until I remember that there is always the night. I am, after all, a noztna ptiza, or night bird. (If my Bulgarian friends would please excuse my attempt at spelling their language phonetically)....

So what am I putting off right now? Hmmm, let's see:

- Balancing my checkbook? Yep. Booooring!

- Getting dressed? Who says I can't hang out in a towel all day?

- Cleaning up my room? Yuck. Even though I can't find anything in here. A thought occurs to me to adopt the sexy Frenchman's philosophy and apply 5S to my room, but then a moment later, um, nevermind.

- Writing on my Baroness story? How about total laziness/fear of failure/general angst?

And the most annoying thing I am putting off.....

- Going out to the mall (egads! Yikes! Oh, the horror of it!) to buy cognac glasses for an event for work on Monday night.

The only motivating factor is the prospect of seeing the sexy Frenchman holding the cognac glass that I bought JUST FOR HIM in his beautiful hands and bringing it slowly to his lips....

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