lundi, juin 28, 2004

You Gotta Admit

I just got back from seeing a nearly sold out show of Michael Moore's "Farenheit 9/11". Say what you will about whether it is totally factual or unbiased, you have to admit the man has balls. And in this era of ass kissing, I respect anyone who has balls and a sense of humor to boot.

There are many gems that made me laugh out loud (much to the detriment of the eardrums of the people next to me), but one of my favorite scenes is the hilarious sight of an ice cream truck Michael Moore convinces to help him circle the capital and read over its loudspeaker the text of the Patriot Act to the senators who voted for it without ever reading its contents. One of its best attributes is the choice and placement of the music in the film. It is utterly perfect.

Go see it. If nothing else, it is a moving piece of cinema. You will tear up, laugh out loud, hide your eyes behind your hands, and shake your head in shame.

And that, boys and girls, is the power of good movie making.

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